Faqs –

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) answered regarding the Ntgr router:

  1. How do I login to my Ntgr router?
    You can login to your Ntgr router by accessing the login page of the router through www.routerlogin.net web domain.
  2. What is the default IP address for my Ntgr router?
    The default IP address for most of the Ntgr routers is The user can login to the Ntgr router using the default IP address specific to the router.
  3. What is the default information regarding my Ntgr router?
    The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password” for most of the Ntgr routers. The username and password.
  4. What is Media Prioritization feature?
    The Media Prioritization feature allows the user to increase the bandwidth of the internet on any particular device. For example, if the user is using their cellular phone for intense online gaming and wishes to play a lag free game, the user can just prioritize the bandwidth of their internet through their router to their device.
  5. What will happen to my settings if I choose to reset the router?
    If you choose to reset the router, all the personalized settings of the user will get reset too.
  6. Can I download and install the firmware update from any third party website?
    No, it is highly recommended that the user does not download or install the firmware for the Ntgr router from any third party website.
  7. What are Parental Controls?
    The Parental Control feature allows the user to restrict certain websites or block inappropriate content from their network. The user can even limit the access of internet on any particular device for a limited period of time.
  8. What is the Guest Network?
    The Guest Network feature lets the user create alternate networks other than their main network. This way, any visitors or guests visiting the user’s place can use the internet if they wish to without being able to access the user’s main network and its shared contents.
  9. How can I check the number of devices that are connected to the main network?
    You can check the exact number of devices that are connected to the main network with the help of the Network Map feature.
  10. Can I setup different names for the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz bandwidth networks?
    Yes, you can setup different names as well as different passwords for different networks.